Our Fun Foods!

Have a craving for foods you don't see everywhere? Well we can help out! We have a large variety of different foods, ranging from soft pretzels to hot dogs, to even funnel cakes and churros!

Funnel Cakes!

Now you do not have to wait for the fair to come around to settle your cravings! Top your freshly fried funnel cake however you would like. You could even go as far as adding one of our snow creations on top!

Chili Cheese Dogs

Come enjoy our 100% Beef Angus hot dogs, loaded up with chili and cheese or whatever suits you! 

Shaved Snow!

32 Degrees Below Fla has done the hard work for you with 15 of our very own creations! Or let your imagination run free and create your very own snow. Our snow flavors are non-dairy with 4x less sugar and fat than ice cream or yogurt!

These desserts will be the #1 contender as an alternative to ice cream

Polar Affogato

One of our fan favorites! Our Polar Affogato is made with creamy vanilla snow, delicious coffee snow, brownie bites, chocolate sauce, and topped with our homemade whipped cream!

Sweet Tooth

Kids top choice! Made with sweet cotton candy snow, marshmallows, graham crackers, and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles! So good even adults enjoy!

More creations to enjoy such as our famous Strawberry Cheesecake snow, our Mexican Candy, our Polar Affrogato, and many more at 32 Degrees Below Fla.

Bubble Waffle!

Who doesn't love waffles? Here at 32 Degrees Below Fla, we take delicious funnel cakes and turn them into the fun bubble waffle! You can top it  off with anything you like. Add one of our creations, or you could even add chicken for some chicken and wafles!